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Takes you from Ha Noi to Hai Phong by bus then connects with a high speed boat to Cat Ba Town (Total time: 4 and a half hours. Prices: 200.000VND)
DEPARTURE TIME: From Ha Noi: 5.20⇔7.20⇔11.20⇔13.20
ARRIVAL TIME: 9.45⇔11.45⇔15.45⇔17.45
DEPARTURE TIME: From Cat Ba: 7.15⇔9.15⇔13.15⇔15.15
ARRIVAL TIME: 11.45⇔13.45⇔17.45⇔19.45
NOTE: During low season, Hoang Long bus only open two times per day: From Ha Noi ⇒ Cat Ba (7.20 and 11.20). From Cat Ba ⇒ Ha Noi (9.15 and 13.15)
The bus departs at: NƯỚC NGẦM Bus Station (Address: Number 1-Ngọc Hồi street, Ha Noi)
Contact Hoang Long Office in Ha Noi (Head office address: 28-Trần Nhật Duật-Ha Noi-Tel: 04.39282828)
NOTE: You can buy the ticket for yourself  at the bus station-10 minutes before the departure time or directly on the bus. Make sure the bus is Hoang Long bus (red color bus with the name of the bus on the sides)

This is a fast bus connects with a high speed boat which will bring you by express way. The bus will pick you up from your hotel at anywhere around the old quarter in Ha Noi and around the town in Cat Ba. It takes around 3hours to go to Cat Ba and against. 
From Ha Noi ⇒ Cat Ba Island: 7.30AM and 1.30PM
From Cat Ba Island ⇒ Ha Noi: 9.00AM and  4.00PM
Time duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes.
Prices: 13USD-19S$/per person for one way (13$ for low season-19S$for high season)
NOTE: You can contact them by these address: or hotline: (+84) 914 607 571 or contact us (Please give us your hotel address for picking up)
You can go to Ha Noi Train Station. There is 6.00AM train to Hai Phong (60.000VND per ticket-Takes around 2 hours). Then you can take a 20 minutes-taxi to go to Ben Binh Harbor (around 50.000VND). You can take a 9.00AM hydrofoil to go directly to Cat Ba Town (It costs 180.000VND for low season from September to the beginning of April. 220.000VND to 250.000VND for the high season. Takes around 45 minutes)
Warnings: Be careful with the tourist hunters. They may give you different prices.
Our car or bus driver will pick you up from your hotel, the Airport or train station. You will be at Hai Phong Harbor after 2 hours. Then we connect with a high speed boat or hydrofoil to bring you to Cat Ba Town (80 minutes by high speed boat and 45 minutes by hydrofoil)
Prices for one way: 68S$ for a private car and 80S$ for a private minibus (Plus: 10S$/per person for hydrofoil ticket and 8S$/per person for high speed boat)
NOTE: Pick you up or drop you from the Airport a little bit more expensive: 20S$ for a car/25S$ for a minibus.
Please contact us before for us to prepare
OPTION1: Hoang Long take you by bus and speed boat (Duration time: One and a half hour/ Prices: 150.000VND/per person)
Depart: 8.00⇔10.00⇔14.00⇔16.00
Contact: Hoang Long Office in Hai Phong (Address: 4-Le Thanh Tong-Hai Phong city or Tel: 0313.552.866
OPTION 2: From Dinh Vu Ferry Station, you can take a ferry to go to Cat Ba Island then take a motorbike to Cat Ba Town (Depart: every hour. It takes around 1 hour to go to Cat Ba Island and 40 minutes to go to Cat Ba Town)
Note: Only for anyone who has a motorbike.
OPTION 3: You can go to Ben Binh Harbor then take a high speed boat or a hydrofoil to go to Cat Ba
By hydrofoil
Departure from Ben Binh Harbor: 7.00AM⇔9.00AM⇔1.00PM⇔3.00PM
Departure from Cat Ba to Ben Binh Harbor: 8.00AM⇔10.00AM⇔2.00PM⇔4.00PM
Prices: 180.000VND for low season (September to the beginning of April)
220.000VND to 250.000VND for high season
By HADECO high speed boat connects with a HADECO bus to Cat Ba Town
Departure from Ben Binh Harbor:7.00AM⇔8.00AM⇔10.00AM⇔1.00PM⇔3.00PM⇔4.00PM
Departure from Cat Ba to Ben Binh Harbor: The same time
Prices: 130.000VND for low season and 150.000VND to 180.000VND for high season
Option 5: The CAT BA TOURIST TRANSPORTATION COMPANY will bring you from Ben Binh Harbor to Dinh Vu Ferry Station then connects with a high speed boat to Phu Long Dock, then another bus will bring you to Cat Ba Town
Time duration: 1hour and 30 minutes.
Prices: 110.000VND for low season and 150.000VND for high season
Departure time
From Ben Binh Harbor: 06.20;08.10;9.30;13.20;15.10;16.35
From Dinh Vu Ferry Station: 07.15;08.45;10.10;14.45;15.45;17.15
From Cat Ba Town: 06.00;08.00;09.00;12.30;14.30;16.10
From Phu Long Dock: 06.45;08.30;09.40;13.30;15.30;17.00
NOTE: The high speed boat also takes bicycle and motorbike (You have to pay for bringing your bicycle and your motorbike)

You can take a bus from Ha Noi to Tuan Chau Harbor which is located on the side of Ha Long City (From Ha Noi to Tuan Chau Harbor takes around 5 hours). Then you take a taxi from the main road to Tuan Chau Ferry Station to go to Gia Luan Harbor in Cat Ba (Takes around 1 hour). After arriving to Cat Ba Island you take a public bus to Cat Ba Town (Takes around 30 minutes)
Ferry departure time from Tuan Chau Harbor: 7.45AM⇔11.30AM⇔3.00PM
Ferry departure time from Gia Luan in Cat Ba: 9.00AM⇔1.00PM⇔ 4.00PM
Prices: 70.000VND for the walker for the ferry and 25.000VND for public bus
Warnings: By this way takes time and not really convenience
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